Self Storage Security

When you search online for self storage business units you can trust that you will be protecting your valuables and entrusting them to a company who promises safety and security. Self-storage units are more secure than public storage, as they have their own key and lock. They have the ability to access their belongings. They can remove or add items to their self-storage units.

Safety of personal belongings is the number one concern for those who are looking to move into self or commercial storage units. Why would people choose storage units if their belongings are not safe? It is important to consider both the cost and security of the storage facility.

Different storage facilities offer different levels and types of security. Before you go, make sure to inspect your storage unit. Let’s take an in-depth look at security features used by storage buildings.

1. Unauthorized entry is prevented by coded gates. Only customers or employees who have the appropriate codes are allowed into the storage building. It is possible keep track of all people who move into and out of the storage building.

2. Alarms and motion sensors offer security for self storage or public storage units. They can also be used outdoors and indoors. They can be attached to alarms and light fittings. If there’s motion, the light will turn on and the alarm will sound to notify authorities. An alarm can also connected to the local police station. Most storage units have fire alarms, which protect your goods from being set fire to. The fire alarms usually connect to a local radio station.

3. Closed Circuit Televisions provide another excellent way to secure your self storage unit. CCTVs capture and monitor all movements in and out storage units.