Use a grammar checker to create perfect email, letter, and document.

The grammar-checking software has been around for a while. I am using WordPro, the leading wordprocesser in the world. This program includes a built-in spell and grammar checker. Why? We are wrong so it won’t happen again!

How can the word processor not provide a grammar checker that is reliable?

How do you improve your grammar

1. A book such as the Grammar Bible is a great resource to have on hand. The Grammar Bible has many tips that will help you improve your grammar.

2. Visit Grammar Girl’s Website. The Grammar Girl website offers many helpful tips. You can find them in podcasts, which you can then listen to on your computer and ipod. It is one the most downloaded books on iTunes, and it is definitely worth looking at.

3. WhiteSmoke Software also offers grammar checks. This grammar tool is unique. WhiteSmoke is an Israeli firm that solely focuses on grammar checking software. The result? A grammar checker that really makes the grade.

WhiteSmoke scans over a million sentences per month. They are constantly improving their grammar checker, which is updated in response to writers’ needs. WhiteSmoke checks what you write, but it does not require you to have access to the Internet.

WhiteSmoke’s grammar recommendations are precise and I use them every day, not unlike the Grammar Checker in the word processor.

The Word Processor is not complete without the Thesaurus and spellchecker.

WhiteSmoke really stands apart thanks to what WhiteSmoke refers to as “TextEnrichment”. The term is somewhat vague. That means the computer will search for ways to improve text entered. Here’s an example.

WhiteSmoke Before: There were issues I encountered
WhiteSmoke: Then I Found Significant Issues
WhiteSmoke Before: We should, I believe.
WhiteSmoke – I believe that we must.

The small tweaks can make all the difference in how your writing looks. The text enrichment has made my writing look professional, I must say. WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker – Who Should Use It?

WhiteSmoke provides several options. A basic version would be most useful for all writers. There are also versions available to help business, legal, and creative writers.

Each version includes specific templates specifically designed to fit the particular category. In the Business Version, you will find specific writing advice, sample contracts and thank you notes.

WhiteSmoke can be used with any piece of software you use to write a lot, such as Outlook, Notepad or Hotmail. You will be able to get an automatic grammar check regardless of which program you use.

WhiteSmoke Is More Than a Grammar Checker. In short, It’s A Grammar Advisor. That’s probably good for most writers.