Different types of mushrooms

Every mushroom lover will find something to love. There are more than 38,000 varieties. You can find some useful tips on how to prepare your favorite variety and the distinctive characteristics of some of these more well-known varieties. You can get the best guide on soulcybin.

Agaricus Mushrooms
They are commonly known by the names button mushrooms or white mushroom. They are readily available fresh, frozen and canned in all major supermarkets. While they can be eaten raw, Agaricus mushrooms are mild in flavor. However, when cooked, their flavor intensifies.

Porcino Mushrooms
Porcino mushrooms are prized as one of nature’s finest mushrooms. Their high price doesn’t deter anyone who loves the Porcino flavor and texture. They come in many sizes and are very distinctive.

Shiitake Mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms used to be cultivated in Japan only on natural oak logs. However, they are now easily available in more grocery stores worldwide. Shiitake mushrooms, which are large and dark-brown in colour, have an earthy rich flavor. Dried shiitakes taste more intense than fresh, and they are often preferred over the fresh variety. They are often used to make soups or stir-fried dishes.

Portobello Mushrooms
Portobello mushroom can grow up to twice the size of regular hamburgers. They are flat and large. Portobello mushrooms are a great choice for grilling and roasting due to their dense, chewy texture.

Pleurotus Mushrooms
Pleurotus mushrooms also know as oyster mushrooms due to their amazing similarity in taste. They come in different colors, from off white to different shades. Their texture is better suited for cooking.

Morel Mushrooms
These conical mushrooms are highly prized with a fair price. Their intense earthy flavor makes them highly sought-after for their use in sauces and stews. Morel mushrooms come in small, dark brown sizes and can be used for stuffing.

Girolle or Chanterelle Mushrooms
Chanterelle mushrooms are yellow-gold in colour and have a trumpet shape. They have a rich, earthy flavor. They can be eaten fresh, but they can also dried or canned.