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We are glad to welcome you on our site. Project QSpider started on December, 19th, 2007. The project purpose is working out of free software QSpider for modelling mechanical systems (robots, mechanisms of parallel kinematics).

QSpider is a free program for engineers and researchers. You also can will join work on the program. We will be glad to any cooperation and support.

Features of QSpider:

  • Mathematical modelling of spatial mechanisms with use of multilevel representation of mechanical systems. The given approach allows to simplify and reduce time of construction of models considerably.
  • Modelling of auxiliary elements of the equipment, for example, the rotary tables, special adaptations, etc.
  • The main feature of the program is global parameterisation of model. Any of model parametres can set a variable. The program allows to enter defined a mathematical parity in the form of mathematical expressions and to modify all model at change of another or other sizes (parametres) of model.
  • Construction of constructive elements of mechanisms (the basis, a platform, a bed, etc.).
  • Широкий набор инструментальных средств.
  • Possibility of localisation of the program on other languages (now the program is localised for English and Russian of languages).
  • Independent sources of the program. The program is developed on C ++ with use of free version Qt. QSpider works under control of operational systems: Windows, Linux and MacOS.
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QSpider has been added to Softpedia's database. SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD.

The new version QSpider (0.23.10) is released.
(April 24, 2008)

The new version QSpider (0.23.9) is released.
(April 16, 2008)

The new version QSpider (0.23.8) is released.
(March 3, 2008)

The new version QSpider (0.23.7) is released.
(February 22, 2008)

The new version QSpider (0.23.6) is released. The new version contains the biggest count of completions and changes.
(February 17, 2008)

Approach to finish the work for new version of QSpider (0.23.6).
(February 10, 2008)


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