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Developer: Pavel V. Podzorov

Software product QSpider is continuation of a series of software products developed by me earlier. QSpider will include operating time all best and modules. Now I have a wide experience of development of software. It allows me to develop QSpider most effectively. Later the short description of early software products is presented.

Visual Studio Mechanism Parallel Kinematics

Software product working out was conducted on Visual C ++ ver.6. He allows to build models of a wide spectrum of structures ("bipod", "tripod", "tricept", "hexapod" and many other things) with various executions of kinematic chains, including the hybrid structures combining in both mechanisms of parallel kinematics, and traditional executions. The software product allows not only to build models, but to carry out their analysis. Software product Visual Studio Mechanism Parallel Kinematics includes a number of applied programs, each of which is directed on the decision of specific targets. Program Visual Studio MPK (fig. 1) is intended for creation of models, including modelling a trajectory of movement, a typical processed detail and many other things.

Fig 1. Program Visual Studio MPK

Program Analysis MPK (fig. 2) allows to carry out fig. the geometrical analysis of the constructed models, namely calculation and visualisation of volume of working space, inserting of processed detail in volume of working space.

Fig.2. Program Analysis MPK

Program Rigidity MPK (fig.3) counts rigidity and accuracy of models. The program possesses a complex of tool means for construction of corresponding diagrammes.

Fig. 3. Program Rigidity MPK

Program Neural Network MPK (fig. 4) is the experimental program for the decision of problems of synthesis with use of neural networks.

Fig.4. Program Neural Network MPK

Data exchange between programs is carried out through the general format of a file of models. On a site more detailed description of each of these software is placed.

Studio Geometry Parallel Kinematics Mechanism

Since January, 1st, 2004 has begun development of software product with working name Studio Geometry PKM. The given program is directed on the decision of the same problems, as well as the previous package, but with considerably expanded possibilities. First, the program is written in programming language Java, therefore it can be used on various platforms. Secondly, the new mathematical kernel which qualitatively differs from a kernel written for package Visual Studio MPK has been developed for realisation of the given program. After performance of any actions with the constructed model optimisation of storage of all data that allows to increase speeds of recalculation of model as much as possible is carried out. Also on the basis of a method of final elements the model has been developed for modelling of kinematic chains. Creating elementary objects and geometrical communications between them the designer can model a wide spectrum of possible executions of structures of kinematic chains. The developed model is enough universal and it can be used not only for modelling of mechanisms of parallel kinematics, but also for any other mechanical systems.

One of considerable differences of the given program from previous is model parametrization, namely global parametrization of model. Any of model parametres can adhere a variable and then, setting defined a mathematical parity in the form of mathematical expressions to modify all model at change of another or other sizes of model. For example, if to set certain mathematical ratio between diameter of a target link and diameter of position of hinges on a target link and the basis of the machine tool with parallel kinematics at change of one of them others will change two.

In drawing (fig. 5) the model of tripod is presented.

Fig.5. Program Studio Geometry PKM (the example of model of tripod)

In drawing (fig. 6) the model of a kinematic chain of hexapod is presented.

Fig.6. Program Studio Geometry PKM (the example of model of kinematic chain of hexapod)

In drawing (fig. 7) is presented an example of the table for the task of mathematical ratio between variables of one of models.

Fig.7. A dialog window of program Studio Geometry PKM for input of the equations

Studio PKM

Program Studio PKM written in 2008, is founded on free platform RCP Eclipse from IBM. In drawing (fig. 8) the main window of the program is presented.

Fig. 8. Program Studio PKM on the basis of platform Eclipse


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