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Podzorov Pavel Victorovith


In 1996 I have finished school of city Dolgoprudny of the Moscow area. In 1996 I have entered in The Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN", Department Machine Tools.

June 2000 - Bachelor of Science with excellent (first-class degree with distinction).

June 2001 - Master of Science with excellent (first-class degree with distinction).

November 2003 - Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences.

Honors and Awards:

Certificate of merit of a conference of Institute by name A.A. Blagonravov Russian Academy of Science (2000)

Certificate of merit of the International Academy of Information (2001)

Research area:

- mathematical modeling of PKM structure;

- forward and inverse kinematics;

- models of optimization and synthesis of technological equipment on the base of PKM;

- software developer for modeling, analysis and synthesis of PKM.


Developer of QSpider

office@qspider.org   |   qspider@bk.ru